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Cane Corso Litters

Welcome to our Past Litters Page!  We hope you enjoy checking out our photos and find it relatively easy to navigate.  We are still working on updating each page with photos.  At this time, we are do not have a litter planned due to the recent legislation changes in Alberta that ban traditional practices true to our breed standards of docking and cropping.  However, we made it a practice to collect our healthy males and so we are collaborating with reputable breeders in North America to produce future generations.  If you are interested in a puppy or have any questions for us, please feel free to fill out the 'Contact Us' form found in the top right hand corner of this website. 

Our First Litter

Fall 2005 - Born September 20, 2005


We bred CH Carfagna's Samba to Gr CH Scandifio's Caesar di Carfagna and produced 1 Baby Girl Puppy. 

Our Second Litter

Spring 2006 - Born March 18, 2006


We bred Bioynic's Noe di Liano to CH Gator Country Bond Girl aka Jynx.  This litter resulted in 5 puppies .... All Girls!

Our Third Litter

Spring 2007 - Born March 29, 2007


This was our first Dual Sire Litter.  Ch Carfagna's Samba was bred to GrCH Sentinel Blue Chip aka Roscoe and GrCh Scandifio's Caesar di Carfagna.  This breeding produced two puppies.....both Girls.....One Roscoe Daughter and One Caesar Daughter.

Our Fourth Litter

Spring 2009 - Born March 6, 2009


We attempted our Second Dual Sire Litter having bred Darkstone's Ebony Rose to GrCH Sentinels Blue Chip aka Roscoe and CH Scandifio's Hercules but after DNA testing the puppies were all proven to be sired by Roscoe.  This breeding resulted in 9 healthy baby puppies.....3 Boys and 6 Girls.

Our Fifth Litter

Summer 2010 - Born July 21, 2010


We bred CKC CH Darkstone's Dipped'N Honey aka Rayne to Cesare from Timoniere Kennel in Hungary.  This breeding produced 11 puppies.....7 Boys and 4 Girls.

Our Sixth Litter

Summer 2012 - Born June 15 2012


We bred AKC GrCH Darkstone's Island Girl aka Kona to Cesare from Timoniere Kennel in Hungary.  This breeding resulted in 13 Baby Puppies.....7 Girls and 6 Boys!!!!   Thank you to Beata Margitan from Timoniere Kennel. 

Our Seventh Litter

Summer 2014 - Born August 23, 2014


We bred AKC GrCH CKC CH Darkstone's Jokers Wild aka Cash to AKC GrCH CKC CH Darkstone's Krack The Whip aka Indy.  This breeding resulted in 8 Baby Puppies.....6 Girls and 2 Boys!!!

Our Eighth Litter

Spring 2017 - Born May 6, 2017


We bred AKC GrCH Darkstone's Krimson'N Klover aka Jett to CH Scandifio's Hercules.   This breeding resulted in 1 Healthy Baby Girl Pup. 

Our Ninth Litter

Spring 2018 - Born May 29, 2018


We bred CH Darkstone's Little Black Bird aka 'Raven' to CH Scandifio's Hercules.  This breeding resulted in 5 Baby Puppies....Two Girls and Three Boys. 

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