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Rottweiler Litters

Our First Rottweiler Litter:  Spring 1998 - Born April

We bred Aramar's Belladonna to Hannibal Von Siegerhaus.
They produced two puppies - One Male and One Female. 

Leroy & Peanut

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Our Second Rottweiler Litter:  Born September 22, 2002

We bred Darkstone's In A Nutshell with Der Hagen's Rueger v Adelant.
They produced 5 Puppies - Two Boys and Three Girls!

Jade, Autumn, Stryker, Winston & Mystic

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Our Third Rottweiler Litter:  Born April 23, 2006

We bred Darkstone's Amazing Jewel to Mileah's Egyptian Blue. 

They produced 4 Puppies....Two Boy and Two Girls.

Luke, Aura, Bronco & Lily

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